volume control for accoustic geetar?

hey all, i have a question other than recording this time around.
i am searching for a volume/tone control i can plug into my accoustic guitar jack. then plug the cable from my amp into that. these used to be made by Martin?(or they still are and i just can’t find them).

i can’t use an outboard volume controller cause i have to be able to change my volume at times when i’m moving around onstage----

anybody got a link to one of these baby’s?


Something like this? This clips onto your strap or belt.


how about a foot pedal…volume control…

thanks yall. i found one below…! but the LR Baggs is workable…and i jump around too much for a floor volume pedal…

Hmmm jumping around…never tried that technique on my guitar…I mostly go for creating chord extensions and sonic textures and accuracy.:smiley:

Quote (syn707 @ June 02 2005,22:44)
Hmmm jumping around....never tried that technique on my guitar...I mostly go for creating chord extensions and sonic textures and accuracy.:D

WOW! i'm gonna half to get my thesaurus out for this! lol....i guess you have a different style of music, from what i gather....

sorry,but i'm a crazy-azz songwriter. and i don't actually jump around like it sounds but i don't like f**king around with equipment when i'm puttin on a show. i want it tight and right when i perform .....this ain't no rehersal it's the REAL THANG BABE!

anyway, i did find one Martin VTC in Pasadena Texas. i think it's the only one left in Houston or Texas itself......! I'll put it in a 1982 Yamaha auditorium.

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