Volume drop-out of mixed-down wave file.

Erratic volume fluctuations of mixdown.

When I mixdown six stereo tracks to a single stereo wave file, the volume will drop down during playback a few db’s and then go back up again in a very intermittent fashion. I am processing the mixdown in the offline mode, without processing a master channel or substituting tracks. The individual wave files are fine, with a good constant level. I am not using any master or aux effects, such as flanging, that could possibly cause volume fluctuations. I discovered this when I was listening to the mixdown wave file after I burned it onto CD, as usual, to start editing the rough mix. I played the wave file via n-Track and it did the same thing. As I said, the individual tracks are fine.

I have Windows XP Media Edition (happy happy joy joy :/), use the most recent 24-bit build. I use Guitar Port as my audio device, using ASIO or WDM. I have a new PC with up to date drivers, power to spare, etc. (No more Commodore 64 with cassette “hard drive”) lol.

Thanks for the help gang.

You don’t have any “accidental” automation or volume envelopes running?