Volume Envelopes shifted

I’m experiencing a problem with Volume Envelopes.

When I load up a song project the Volume Envelopes have shifted left on the timeline.

This means every fade in/fade out is in the wrong place.

I’m trying to mix the songs down for an album release and this will take weeks to put right.

I’ve tried to install the latest version (N-Track check for updates suggests 3644) but it’s not available on your website (redirected to 3636) and I still have the problem.

Can anyone help me with this please?

Many thanks

Hi Adrian,

we’ve reproduced a bug in which the envelopes are shifted when changing the sampling frequency of the project.
We’re about to release a new Beta version of n-Track (build 3645) that should fix the problem.


Thank you Andrea, I’m so happy that everything is working fine, it’s a huge relief.

I appreciate your ongoing support and continue to recommend N-Track to others.



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