volume envelopes

nodes are entered in unwanted tracks

I am using N version 6.04 Build 2475. When I am entering volume envelope, nodes are placed in multiple tracks when I want to place them in the currently selected track. Somehow N keeps selecting unwanted tracks (not all) and placing unwanted nodes. I will be going along just fine and then notice that stupid nodes are changing volumes I don’t want changed.


I’m just guessing here Larrye as I haven’t used n for some time… Just make sure the track you want to edit the volume nodes on is the ONLY track highlighted when you edit the envelope. If multiple tracks are selected either intentionally or accidentally, you will edit all the selected tracks envelopes.

If you’re dead certain that you only have the one track selected then I’d suspect a bug or some other anomaly… shrug

BTW, you can select multiple tracks by left clicking and using standard Windows modifiers for the mouse selection, i.e. Ctrl+left click selects everything clicked, Shift+ click one and then another will select everything in between the first and last clicked track.

Also, I think you have to click on the left side where the track “controls” are. Not the items on the track(s).

If this doesn’t help, be patient. Someone up to date on n will be along shortly…


As Diogesneez says - you can select one track or several tracks by “highlighting”/selecting tracks. Also, check out the envelope options by right click on the track with the envelope active. You will love working with the envelopes once you get the hang of it.

Been using N since v-2. Envelopes have been a problem since V-3. I know about track selection and all that. Guess I will have to figure out how I am accidently selecting these other tracks.

I size the track I’m working on so I can see the above and below tracks volume lines. Then I make sure to only high lite the track I’m working on so if I accidentally adjust the wrong track I can spot it right away and hit undo.

Hope this helps



I do that too, and it helps unless you have a large number of tracks, then not so well.

I sometimes think this may be a problem specific to my setup.

It’s not specific to your setup. It’s more specific to the way ‘whatever is highlighted’ is not very obvious, or even visible at all.

The rule of thumb is to click away in the timeline but not on any track to make sure none are selected, then click on the track you want. Works most of the time, but it can still be a gotcha.

It’s more of working around the way windows works than a bug in the app. Most apps don’t have so many ‘highlight possibilities’ so it’s not usually a problem in apps that support multi-selection.

That doesn’t make it less of a pain us or Flavio. :laugh:

At the risk of being hated on… I like the way that ‘other’ DAW handles envelopes.

You can optionally have them in separate lanes beneath the track. One click or an assigned short-cut key will show/hide them as needed.

Perhaps Flavio could take a look and consider such an approach for n-Track. No accidental nodes or tweaks here.


If you want to try a different skin - you can download ( or make your own). I have one called MoreVisablePushButtons that I wrote because some of the selected items did not jump at me the way I wanted.
menu is Settings > Skins. You can change the colors here or download skins other folks have written - there are several really nice ones.
If you want to play with your own, just be sure to rename the skin file (Save As) so that you can easily return to the default. The specific setting that controls the selected track is called “Selected Wave File background 1” and “Selected Wave File background 2”.
The “More Visible Push Buttons” skin also changes the Pause button the be more easily recognized and several other changes I liked - Some of the colors may not be to your liking, but it might be a start to help with this situation.

Hi Larrye.

You’re not alone. I have what seems to be the same problem. I don’t have a resolution, but I have contacted Flavio in the past regarding it. I don’t believe it to be a selection problem, and it doesn’t happen all the time. But it sure can mess a song up if I don’t watch for it and make corrections! It’s quite annoying (more like “Frustrating!!”), and time consuming as well.

You wrote (copy/paste) “sometimes think this may be a problem specific to my setup.” I was thinking along that line myself. I’m sorry you’re having this trouble, but I’m glad to know it’s not just me (i.e. something I’m doing wrong or not doing right) and/or just my setup.

I’ll contact Flavio again regarding this, and use your initial posting as a reference.

I would love to learn more about this!

I messed around with that one time on accident but I ended up with what looked like connect the dots all over a bunch of tracks! :p

I don’t really get the concept or how to use this feature effectively but as I said, would LOVE to! so this is good thread…perhaps I can gleam a bit O knowledge from it.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

I think I know the accidental selection happens.

You aproach the volume line with a mouse, ready to left click it to make a nod. The another track is selected too if you move the mouse over both tracks left button down. If you zoomed in very close you don’t necessarily notice the accidental selection.

I’ve been having this same problem. It seems like nodes can be selected from different tracks without the tracks, or part of tracks, are being highlighted. At least this happened a few build versions ago.
Just the nodes themselves are highlighted. It sorta works when I’m careful.

Also, selecting and moving an individual node is often frustrating. The program insists on making a new one instead, this happens randomly now and again… I don’t get it.


I’ve noticed that some of the other editing programs have a seperate cursor setting for envelopes - one cursor for normal selection, another for envelopes and sometime even a different one for move. Sound Forge is one program like this. With the envelope setting selected the software seems to handle envelope editing more precisely.

I have version 5.1.1 and have experienced what folks are saying about the volume nodes. It also happens to me with panning nodes (which I have always taken as N-track’s way of telling me that I’m abusing the panning feature).

If nodes magically appear on another track I’ll get rid of them by
1) highlighting the region where the unwanted nodes are
2) right clicking on the track
3) choosing "remove selected nodes"

I mention this somewhat obvious solution only because I used to remove only one node at a time, until I went bezerko one day. I also use this process on fade ins and outs if I want to quickly change the way I’ve done them.
Of course, once in a while you won’t notice you’ve randomly placed nodes in a track, and a week later you play back the song you were working on and have a vague feeling that something’s missing but can’t quite place it.

Of course you can flatten out the track or certain nodes but it really is a drag if you’ve - let’s say - made a complex volume automation on track 3, then you make a complex automation to track 4 and suddenly noticed that you’ve messed with the track 3 too accidentally.

Removing the wrong nodes from track 3 doesn’t give you the right ones.

Just have to be extra careful.

Quote: (varakeef @ Dec. 09 2009, 3:42 PM)

Of course you can flatten out the track or certain nodes but it really is a drag

It is a drag. I just don't know of any better solution to remedy the problem once it has been made in the fashion you stated.

I’m another that has had the same problem.
I now always enlarge the track where I want to work, and then do Edit, Selection, Clear Selection from the pull down menus.
Then I start placing nodes and moving them.
When done, I do View All Song to quickly scan and see if I have put the same node pattern somewhere else.
It is a bit more than a drag at times.

All the items mentioned in this thread point to the same thing, those tiny little nodes. It just dawned on me how the situation could be improved. First a separate screen to edit the nodes, first by selecting the tracks you want to edit which then opens a separate screen showing only those tracks you wish to work on. Then I would suggest nice big nodes, not the little tiny nodes to work with but nice big ones so grabbing and moving them is breeze. Then save it and close the screen. In doing it this way perhaps some new features could be added which normally might not fit on the main editing screen and the “accidental” node placement would become a thing of the past. What do you think?