Volume matching audio and MIDI

How do you adjust the volume of an audio track relative to MIDI tracks or vice versa? I have custom-made MIDI files that I am adding audio background vocals to. The audio background vocal track volume is low in relation to the MIDI file volume.

How can I even out the volume of the audio file with the MIDI file so the audio track is more forward in the mix?

You can do that with the “mixer”.
Also with the “volume pan”.

I’m guessing they are 2 different tracks? If not, they should be.:blush:

Thanks for the reply! Yes, there are two tracks…one audio and one MIDI. Your answer is so simple that I’m embarrased that I asked the question. My only excuse is that I’m new to n-Track, but the answer would still be the same regardless of the DAW. Again, thanks for answering in such a nice, non-judgemental way.

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No worries, it’s my pleasure.
As musicians, we need to stick together and help eachother out.

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