Volume trouble???

Maya44 USB

Hello to all here in the forum,

I recently bought a Maya44 USB soundcard in order to record multitrack. However, it seems that even at maximum volume the recording volume is still really low. Does anybody here know any other ways to adjust the volume of ASIO devices such as the Maya? I’m really going crazy here!


ok. we need to know more. Where are you controling the recording volume? Are you sure you are turning up the recording volume and not the line level playback volume? Look at the wavform. Does the wavform look like the volume is low? Is the entire recording low, or just parts of it (are there peaks anywhere?)? What are you recording and how? are you using a mic(s)? If so, are you using a preamp? How high is the output volume output on it (also, how is the “gain” level?)? Let us know and we can help eleminate potential problem sources.