Vote 'n Gloat: Gentlemen, place your bets!

Bush 51%

Kerry 47%

Other 2%

For the record, let’s see who actually calls it. Everyone else is a Girly Man. :D

Bush 53%

Osama 49%

Other 3%

Ali bin Gali :cool:

Yea I know it’s over 100%, I’m just counting all the ‘disenfranchised’ Liberals who’ll be voting twice !!! :p

Kerry 53%, Bush 46%, the rest is other.

On the electoral vote, I too think Kerry at around 290. Might even crack 300, but probably not. :)

Popular Vote

Bush 49%

Kerry 50%

Other 1%

Electoral Vote

Bush - 271

Kerry - what ever is left

Popular vote

Kerry 55%

Bush 44%

Other 1%

Kerry will win with between 280 to 295 of the electoral vote.

Thinking positive…


Zogby’s giving the election to Kerry (311) at 5 PM EST.

Quote (MidnightToker @ Nov. 02 2004,18:03)
Zogby's giving the election to Kerry (311) at 5 PM EST.

No fooling? Hmm...that's faster than CBS! :)

Y'know, I'll be glad when we can get back to arguing about microphones and such.

I really think the sm 57 sucks. Don't you?


Fascinating. I woudl have said just about the same. Maybe I should change careers!?

I really think the sm 57 sucks. Don't you?

I'm not sure it sucks, but I haven't felt the need or want to use one in over 10 years. There are just so many better sounding mics IMO that I gave away all mine a long time ago.

I was lucky enough (some years ago) to have an Audio Technica dealership. I was exposed to all their mics and picked what I thought were their best (for the buck).

So even though the good ol' 57 has it's place in modern recording, I just don't like the sound and choose not to use them (unless a client insists).


Well, I can’t predict elections, I probably shouldn’t offer opinions on microphones! :)

DrGuit, what do you use to mic up a guit amp?

ATM-61s and ATM-29s for micing amps. Both have a round, clear tone with a high SPL.

Most of my recording these days is “in the field” live recording of orchestras and other live performers (choirs, soloists…etc). For that kind of recording I use mostly condenser microphones (SM-81s, ATM-11s, MXL-2001s, MXL-603s…etc).


What will blow hards like DrWeakminded, Phoodle, MidnightDopesmoker, and Comrade TomS (S stands for Socialist) do now :D

It seems the American people have said NO to Radicals,
60’s rejects, commies, the great un-washed, liars, losers.
Socialists, flag burners, long winded pseudo-intellectuals.
Hey, you know the types …

Ali bin Gali :cool:

- It’s About the Morals, Stupid :laugh:

dude, SHUT THE #### UP!

People like you are what give my side of the aisle the bad rap. Quit it. you are not representative.