Vote for me please....

If you like the song of course…

Hi all

Just got word of a yearly winner of winners competition on soundclick here (I’m in it):

Not sure if anyone’s eligible but please vote if you can!!


Just voted for ya, Craig. And, yes, I did listen to everything beforehand. Wasn’t a difficult choice in the end.

I don’t have to listen, but I will, just to be fair before I vote for you. :laugh:

Hey thanks guys…I feel bad for posting this actually…I had a few beers last night :;):

Its just nice to be part of it :agree:

You feel…bad? Huh? Toot your horn, man. :agree:

I’ve ticked your box, Craig. It’s a great song.

Lennon tried to make me vote for Too Many Lights and there’s
a couple more that I’d like to hear again - but you’ve won for

Hey thanks for that.

There’s some bad feeling going on over there…guess I shouldn’t have mentioned anything.

I missed the bad vibe?

Me too. the posts all seemed quite sporting.

Ah, I see them now. OK, that seems stupid on the part of the folks complaining, since what these contests are supposed to do (usually) is attract new listeners and reward folks who have good fan bases. Rewarding a fan base is key in maintaining it - basic rule of marketing. Think about how bit time folks do it all the time - get their fans to participate in various ways, the more creative the better. I don’t think Wake over there or perhaps some others understand this. As to attracting new listeners - it also seems that some of them want a cozy community, rather than a growing one. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s all I want for myself. But that goal is inconsistent with a contest of this sort, seems to me. FWIW, I’d pull out if I were in your shoes, Craig, I think.

You’re right of course Tom. Thanks for posting your thoughts up there too.

I’ve PM’ed Larry to take me off. No point if there’s going to be hard feelings… hey ho!!! ???

You should have seen the language in my first reply. :laugh:

But a cooler head prevailed.

Quote: (TomS @ Jan. 12 2010, 7:06 PM)

You should have seen the language in my first reply.

But a cooler head prevailed.

Man, I'm all bent out of shape!!! The fact that more than one person suggested something was afoot...

Apparently, they think seniority precedes sincerity.

I too almost wrote something-shall we say, unpleasant. What I just put on that thread a second ago is not what I almost put on that thread a second ago. Mainly because I didn't want it to reflect on Spreader in any way.

I thought they’s boogers, but they snot. :laugh:


Are we to believe that all votes are ‘stumblers’? I’m not swallowing that. My entire collection is peppered with influence and recommendations and their arguements are aimed at the foundations of modern culture. I am honestly shocked at the small mindedness of that SC thread.
I’ve changed my mind - don’t pull out, Craig.

Hey you guys are great :agree:

I did PM Larry to take me off but his argument states that the votes should and will stand.

I honestly can’t believe the fuss over there!

Heh - good promotional technique Craig - start a fight, create a crisis, a scandal, and then work it in a push-pull way…

What shall we do next to increase your media profile? All press is good press!

“SpreaderCraig plastered over my windows”

I posted one of my more philosophical posts over there. :laugh: