VRM box

Ok got this today, so had a little play around.
I don’t currently have any nTrack projects on my PC so cant actually mix for now…but…

First thoughts were how small it is…bit of a disappointment as its less than 3 inches square!..It does feel reassuringly heavy tho.

I put a track (done for the FAWM album in a pro studio) into nTrack and switched on the box. Flicking through the various surrounds and speaker systems, there is much difference!

The music does actually sound like its coming from speakers rather than headphones, and the stereo imaging is less pronounced. There is also a depth there, as if the music is coming to your ears through air ie. a real monitoring environment.

The nearest sound to the original was a Rogers LS3-5A monitor, and the song sounds pretty much the same flicking the unit on and off. (a useful feature).

There are three environments…studio, bedroom and living room. The Stirling LS3/5A v2 monitor is in each, and listening to the same speakers while flicking through each, you can hear the differences caused by each room.

Even through the ‘computer desktop’ speakers in ‘bedroom’, the mix on this sounds ok, so they must have done a decent job!

One bad thing I found on my system is that I can only mix/master using the VRM box. ie. I can’t record and playback unless I switch between my audio interface and the VRM using the audio settings on N.

Also, you don’t get every speaker in each environment.
10 in the studio, 9 in the bedroom and 5 in the living room.

All in all, for me it was worth the money, although saying that I won’t be able to tell until I record something and really try it out…

Anyway it will definitely do until I get a pair of KRK Rokit6’s…

If anyone does fancy one of these and wants me to do something/test something specific…let me know!


Anyway it will definitely do until I get a pair of KRK Rokit6's....

I don't know about what your tastes are like, although I have a good idea, but I found after testing the JBL LSR 2325 against the Rootkit 6' they were much better but thats just my opinion. I tested with the LRS 2310 sub with them and I can say the JBL's rocked way better for about the same price. Just IMO.

I think the head phone mod might be useful, really, in initial recording but beyond that I don't think they will even come close to using them for mastering, thats just my opinion.


thanks for the review, Criag – that is excellent information. Now I have a dilemma, what to ask for, for Father’s Day…

Cheers, Craig. Now, I’m seriously tempted.

I too had a glance at the VRM box recently and even though I was a bit disappointed seeing its size, the performance it produced made me excited in no time. The only drawback I have felt is the lack of additional environments apart from studio, bedroom and living room. Even though they do make up for an average box, it isn't enough given the tough competition they face from other manufacturers!

Hi Aserty
Do you mean there are similar products already?
I didn’t realise!

That does sound very interesting.
Maybe mastering in one of the rooms will do it…im guessing that your mixing with phones.
If you press headphones and ear buds closer to your ears you get a different audio demention.
In my case I hea fatter sound with tuns of bottom…it’s this pressure factor that scares me awY from mixing with phones.
Eventhough I would love to exclusively use phones for mix and mastering.
But one of those rooms might be a good fit…sounds infresting…
Anymore I’m comparing all my masters on an ipod and comparing them to the best mods out there…so maybe the comparison progress holds more value, even when done with phones.

I guess a VST plugin that does the same thing is just a matter of time…


yup. the ware is soft.

I’m not going to buy this one, I want more than two sliders for 20 bucks, or whatever it turns out to be with the exchange rate.

lol N track reverb gives ya a couple rooms