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questions about midi

The last days I’ve found two interesting programs that you surely know…
vsc-88 and sfz; I’ve two soundcards: one soundblaster for recording and one generic soundcards with over overlapped a roland mpu-401 (dated 1994…)
I’ve try vsc with midifile and it seems that it’s a little bit better than mpu-401 but there is a problem, as I play the tracks with vsc, also if there are no notes or the tracks are muted there is always a pad keyboard sound…a continuous sound. What’s wrong?
Other question which plug in it’s the best for midi vsc or sfz? I mean…there is a way with sfz to play drum midi, keyboard and so on… or maybe it’s only good for bass tracks and similar? It’s right to use both vsc and sfz together?
thank you all

Why not use both plug ins togehte? There is no reason to limit yourself. If the pluging gives you the sound you want… use it! SFZ is the most flexible fo the two as you can load any SoundFont into it and there are 1000s of SOundFonts to choose from. Personally I am not a VSC fan as I find it sounds pretty cheap, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in the right context. Remember, if it sounds good, it is good. Might I suggest you investigate HammerSound. It is one of the best all around sites for free SoundFonts on the web.

As for the stuck note, I would check your event list. You probably have a garbage event in there that needs to go away.

thank for your suggestion :slight_smile:
well… for the stuck notes the strange thing it’s that if I play the midi file with the roland mpu401 card (on the generic soundcard of my pc) there are no problem but as I use vsc (on the soundblaster card) the pad keyboard start to disturb the entire song… anyway I’ll test again in the next days.
thank you

yesterday I’ve used sfz and vsc and they works good even if I had problems with n-track, that is as you open sfz and then vsc how can I pop-up then sfz again (the same for vsc)? If I make new vst plugin a new sfz pop-up (sfz2) comes. Do you know how it works?
Well I still have the latency problem but maybe with the reset button of the vsc softsynth I solve the problem, I have converted the midi file into wav file and the sound of the pad keyboard started again in the wav file but after a while it
I am ashamed to say that my PC it’s a pentium II 350 Mhz with 512 Ram…but it works very very good!!! :slight_smile:
Just another question for sfz: If I want on the track of the bass a soundfont I load it with sfz (the file sf2) but there is a way to load a group of bass or a group o piano…as with the virtual sound canvas vsc-88? I mean with vsc it’s all more easy even if the sound it’s not so good as for sfz soundfonts. Maybe it works with preset but I have no idea.
thank you all
have a nice day