VST's getting in the way of happiness

n-track keeps crashing

Hey, This is my first post, Yay! unfortunatelly I’m having to post for help 10 minutes after getting n-track. I like the program a lot but every time I go into the MIDI or Effects menu n-track crashes. It scans for VST’s and gets STD’s I guess 'cause after a million error pop-ups come up it finally dies and reboots. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

What have you got specified as your VST folder in n-Track’s preferences?
And what do you have in that directory?

Try moving everything out and letting N scan.

If that works ok might be one of your VST’s that is causing a problem.

If it still crashes, try resetting you preferences to default, and if that doesn’t work, uninstall and re-install.

What version of N are you using?


I did the reset on n’s preferences and that seems to do the trick. Thanx RichLum!