vst and soundfont help

Ok I’ve made huge leaps here the last couple of days. I think I feel comfortable with the vst and vsti business. I’ve put all my vst and vsti dll’s into the vsti folder in ntrack. now do I just put all my soundfonts, nskit etc into a folder on “x” drive and organize them at will as far as drums, keys, bass etc? Then when I open an instrument i goto those folders and open whatever sf i need? BTW thanks a million for all your help I’m starting to have fun with it now.


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yeah. that’s it. It usually is a good idea to put your soundfonts in a folder under the folder where your vsti is located, because the player will default to look in that folder, but you can put them wherever you want, as long as you can find them. then arrange and load and there you go! happy midi-ing!

It usually is a good idea to put your soundfonts in a folder under the folder where your vsti is located, because the player will default to look in that folder

That doesn't happen to me. I use sfz, and it always defaults to the last folder I loaded a soundfont from. Perhaps that's because I'm not using other VSTs and loading presets much like I am with sfz.

However, I do notice that when I load a soundfont, the next time I go to import a wave file or something like that, the file browser is pointed at the soundfont directory. It sure would be nice if there were separate contexts for music files versus soundfonts (or, perhaps, vsti config files in general, which might be the best that n-Track could do).

I’ve been using sfz a little and I can’t see where to BROWSE it just comes up with a few places where I had sf’s. now that I’m more organized things might settle down but to not be able to browze is kinda limiting. It also shows some files that won’t load for some reason and some that do wont otput sound…wierd. it’s ok as long as I recognioze the ones that do output.


I just got into using sfz myself and I was wondering the same thing.

I’ve been downloading a few sound fonts froms soundfont.it and some are “sfpacks” when I unzip them the file ext is pack and won’t load into sfz…how do you unpack these files for use?



To open a file click on either the box that holds the file name or the black arrow next to it. Can’t remember which is which off hand, one opens a file browser the other opens a list of recent selections. I know that pack is a compression technique used with soundfonts but I can’t seem to Google up a link to the utility to uncompress them.

I think I found it to uncompress the pack file…go here.



nope…last one didn’t work…go here




Yep, I have a few of these utils on my “everything else” machine. First thing I do after uncompressing anything like this is throw away the compressed version. I’d hate to admit how much of my life has been wasted researching, searching for, installing and learning to use utilities to uncompress things that have been rar-ed, tar-ed, jar-ed, zip-ed, gzip-ed, arj-ed, arc-ed, etc. etc.:smiley: