VST blues amp

Hi everyone

Does anyone know a freeware vst guitar amp modeller that has a warm tone for bluesy sound?

BTW…thanks for those helping me on my mic question earlier.
I went ahead and bought the B2 Pro. It’s a wonderful mic!
It’s really nice to get a good sound through the gear and fix less in the mixer. (I have very little patience screwing around in the digital domain)

i use the "rednef twin and marshall vsts from these guys:


i use these with my strat-i think they sound good the effects are good,too.all free-the site is interesting,too

Oh boy, you’ve gone and opened up this can of worms again.

First of all visit this exhaustive list of all guitar amp sims on the KVRaudio site. Many of them are freeware.

I agree with the majority of posters that the simulanalog guitar suite JCM 900 (Marshall amp) is the bees knees. Give it a try.

HOWEVER, the sound you’re after is probably the toughest to simulate. Most sims are best at either super clean sounds or hi-gain sounds. That “tubey-breakup/edge-of-distortion” tone is a tall order; especially if you’re looking for freeware.

Of course most of us 'round here will agree that you can’t come close to duplicating a well-miked tube amp. But if you’re strapped for cash and/or recording in your bedroom then you don’t have much of a choice. You might consider picking up a hardware unit off ebay as well. As far as hardware amp-sims go I like my POD-xt but the VOX tonelab has been getting great reviews as has the tech21 sansamp.


i use a digitec rp100 for hardware amp-sim.the very first one,but it sounds good…sometimes i take it jamming,plug into the pa…sounds better than most amps and no amp to haul

i use the simulanalog as well…i just havent found that dark blues tone.
maybe ill just have to play with the settings a bit more.