vst bug

Okay I got the latest beta V6 today…this version will at least load my Waves VST plugins and they seem to work…problem? I can’t get the program to stop playback…doesn’t matter whether I push the stop icon on the gui or the spacebar… it just freezes and continues playing…until I start task manager and kill it…tried reinstalling both Ntrack and the plugins…once again the problem plugs work flawlessly in several other audio applications (using the same wav files!) so it is not a plugin problem. Without the Waves VST plugins (not all of them, just a select few) Ntrack will start and stop just fine…Sigh…the same projects play great in R but I don’t want to spend the next few months learning a new platform when I have 7 years invested in Ntrack!!!


Flavio will probably need to know the names of at least a few of the plug-in to be able to address the problem. Sounds like you would really like this fixed - I’d suggest sending him a feed back email with the particulars along with the build number. It appears he is working on it, just not there yet.