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Hello to everyone I have just registered in this forum!I have a problem using vst instrument into N-track.I use kontakt 1.5 and fm7(native instrument).If I open theese programs in stand-alone modality there’s no problem,I can hear my sample clicking with the mouse in the virtual keyboard or playing with the masterkeyboard.But if I use theese as vst insytrument into N-track I can’t hear nothing!What do I do wrong???I choose the right outport port(kontakt plugin or fm7 plugin).I have n-track4.0 and a soundblaster live!help me please!!!thanks :p

Have you tried enabling the “Live” button?

Quote (crankz1 @ June 18 2005,17:50)
Have you tried enabling the "Live" button?

yes I do!I think the problem is about midi configuration....can you help me and explain how to config midi devices and midi track properties?

You also have to go to “Properties -> MIDI Settings -> MIDI Devices” and make sure your MIDI device is selected.

If you play on your MIDI keyboard while recording on a MIDI track, do events get recorded? You can tell because the MIDI track shows little dots for the events and the background color on the track is lighter.

Here’s the process, btw.

1) load the VSTi, as you probably did already (from the menu, I forget where).
2) Create a blank MIDI track (various ways; I right click on the timeline background and choose “New MIDI track”.
3) In the MIDI track properties, for “Output To”, choose the VSTi instrument.
4) Click “LIVE” to turn on live mode.

Note: you need to configure low latency for LIVE mode to work reasonably. This is a whole nuther topic, and you can probably find lots of advice if you search for “latency” or “low latency” on this forum.