Vst instruments crash program

I am using Windows XP. I just got n-track 4 and it is registered. It seems to run ok without any midi but if I import a midi file and send a midi track to a vst it will crash the program every time. One time it crashed the entire OS. If it does run for a little while the vst is out of sync almost immediately. Is anyone else having this problem? I have a soundblaster live card. I’ve tried MME drivers and WDM drivers. Same results.

You probably have one bad VST effect that does not play well. When it crashes, look in the crash report that XP displays. Many times it will list the bad plugin. Just remove that plug and you should be good to go.

:D Thanks for your advice. I went through and deleted all the vst had been causing trouble and sure enough things started to work better. I have the VB1 bass vst. That one would not play in sync and now it does. Thanks.