vst instruments recording. LM4

I am using a Delta 66, and LM4. Should I be able to get a drum wave from this or am I going at it the wrong way ?. I can play the kit I want and everything sounds good…I read the Delta guide and ntracks vst instrument section. can’t figure out how to get signal in.



You should be able to just do a mixdown.
Mute all the other tracks and it will just have drums in the mixdown.

Or route the LM4 output to different outputs in your soundcard than every other track and then do a multi-output mixdown in n-Track and again they should on a separate wav file


Damit, that proves I’m an Idiot. Thanks works great.


Ahh, it took me a while how to get a wav out of a VSTi when I first started using RMF as well :)

When you’re used to just plugging instruments into a physical input and pressing record all this virtual stuff takes a while to get your head around