vst problem

getting an error message

Hi All,
I just downloaded the latest version and build. When I go to get my effects list, I get this message:

VSTSCAN executed an invalid instruction in

I thought there might be a problem installing over the old build, so I uninstalled and cleaned the registry, but no dice! I still get the message.
Any thoughts?
Thanks, Bill

try redownloading. I just downloaded it not more than an hour ago and it works totaly fine.

Thanks, I’ll give a shot.

Well I downloaded, uninstalled reinstalled and I’ve still get the error. Yikes!! Guess I’ll email Flavio.

Hmmm… seems the problem may be with my machine. I installed n on my new box and everything works fine. go figure ???

I had some problems with vstscan too, when I changed the VST-directory it suddenly couldnt handle it anymore but was shut down. Sometimes it ‘can’t unload’ some plugin I have. I hope it doesn’t mean it stays there stealing processing time from cpu… This was in the build 1703 though.