VST Sampler reccomendations needed

I’m looking for a vst sampler that lets me load samples into different notes on the keyoard, pitch shifting if necessary.
The closest I’ve found is Paax but it keeps telling me the samples I want to load in are too big.
Can anyone suggest a free or cheap alternative?
The other possibility would be a free/cheap soundfont creation program and then I could use sfz or similar.

Get a copy of Computer Music Magazine and it has a great VSTi sampler - DS404 - on the disc that accompanies it.

It has some great sounds to go with it, too, but you can easily make your own from a sensible bunch of wave files…

regards, Nils

I believe that Helios might be a good freebie to check out:

Toby Bear vst plug-ins

Thanks ksdb but the Helios plug in only allows you to use a single .wav file - I need to be able to load in several at different pitches so that it only has to stretch them a few semitones.

If you can get by with a ROMpler with limited sample import ability (AKAI, wav, aiff) then IKMultimedia has a great deal going this month: Buy either Sampletank2L or XL and get their Amplitube amp modeler for free. XL is $375 street and comes with 1500 instruments, L is $229.

Helluva deal, I just jumped on it.

I also use Kompakt which works great at importing EXS, Gigastudio, Soundfonts or Kompakt instruments.

And you cant beat the FREE price of the Computer Music suite (well, free with an issue of the magazine.) The CM plugs work well in any sequencer.

I don’t know if I’m looking for a sampler or not, but I’ll add the the OPs question. I have a recording of some electric piano sound from about 20 years ago. I don’t know what it was made on, but I have a recording of it. Could I use a software sampler to sample it and then play it via MIDI in ntrack?
I have already thought of creating a soundfont, but my current card doesn’t support soundfonts, so I thought this might be easier (if it’s possible)


The other possibility would be a free/cheap soundfont creation program and then I could use sfz or similar

Creative Vienna?

Hi guys -


Yes, a sampler would do what you want but you would really need to have some clean, single notes on that recording to sample.


I think Vienna only works if you have a creative labs sound card? I use a couple of M-Audio Delta 410’s.

Everyone else,

Thanks for the “Computer Music” suggestion. Bought the mag and the sampler seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. I even found a tutorial online showing how to get up and running with it. A couple of the other free vst plug-ins look interesting too.

Would still be interested in a way of making soundfonts though using my sound card.