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VST crash workaround

Greetings all!

I just recently started using n-track in earnest and thought I would pass on something that I have found. For those that are interested my computer specs are listed at the end of this post.

Using N-Track 24 bit, 4.1.5 build 2042:

I just purchased Revitar 2.0 guitar synthesis VST plug-in (http://www.cuttermusic.com/productsRV2.htm) as well as the complete Camel synthesis package (http://www.camelaudio.com/index.php) and have started working with them. However I have found a somewhat annoying problem. Here are the steps I was taking and the result:

1. Starting with a new project I would select: Add channel->Add new instrument channel->VSTi->Revitar 2.0
2. Make sure that my recording mode was MIDI only.
3. MIDI devices settings set to Keep devices open, manual input to output echo, drop-down under manual mapping set to ‘Instrument plug-in Revitar 2.0’
4. Selected ‘Add channel->Add new blank track->MIDI
5. On new tracks properties selected ‘Instrument plug-in’ under the ‘output’ dropdown list and ‘prodikeys PC-MIDI’ under the ‘record-from’ dropdown list.
6. Here is where the problem lies: You need to have ‘live-mode’ selected to hear anything you are doing with the plugin. Ok, so I select live mode and start recording. All is fine and well until I try and cease recording. Pressing stop, or rewind, or the record button (again) to stop recording immediately crashes n-track. The same effect is true if I turn off ‘live-mode’ before I stop recording. Interestingly, after trying a variety of experiements, I found that if you have ‘live-mode’ OFF, start recording, then turn it ON, turn it OFF again before stopping the recording, it works successfully. While I am very happy to find that this works it is frustrating if I forget to turn live mode off and lose what I just recorded when n-track suddenly exits.

Anyway, thought I’d pass this on just in case anyone else has had this problem.

AMD Athlon 64 3800+ Runnning Windows XP Pro Sec. Ed. (32 bit)
MSI K8N Neo2 motherboard,
Audigy 2 sound card (latest drivers)
2 Gigs of RAM
Creative Prodikeys PC-MIDI keyboard,

Hi Augmentor:
That’s a fastenating set of issues you have uncovered… There might not be many with your exact “machine specs”. I don’t operate my set-up as you have described… and I’m not in the AMD Camp… However, there may be some guys up here that have the plug-ins you have… It’s quite possible you have uncovered a BUG…

The DAW Neerds may come up with a resolve for the issues you have… Who Knows?

Anyway, you have discovered a work-around…

Flavio may be interested in what you’ve found… But… he may want more hardware specs. and other hardware and software pieces that your machine has and what all might be running when you are useing n-Track, to be able to repete the issue you have encountered…


Greetings woxnerw (Bill!)

Well, It’s been over a week since I first e-mailed Flavio and I haven’t heard anything back yet (other than the automated response) so I must assume he’s pretty busy right now.

I’m happy to send along more machine specs if he needs it. I tried my experiments with a clean boot (running ONLY the services required to run Windows XP and no start up programs) and got the same results.

Unfortunately my workaround isn’t complete as trying to re-record my MIDI file down to a wave so I can add effects and cut down the VSTi CPU overhead results in the same crash (sometimes so bad it actually locks up my system.) My current workaround is to go back to version 4.0.1. I’ve had to give up some of the new featres but at least it allows me to get some recording done.


Hi Augmentor:
Thanks for your return post…

Ya gotta be tough and patient and All…

I have a feeling that not many of the guys up here have anything close to the machine that you are running… Otherwise, they be replying to the issues you have with your setup.

I think phoo is away… He lives out on the west coast… He is quite a talented guy around this Board… Also, Mark A is around…as well… Hey… they’re all pretty clever around this stuff… That’s why I think your machine is pretty unique…

Not knowing very much about vsti’s… but I think that some of them have issues when coupl’ed with n-Track…


Greetings Bill, nice to hear from you again!

I appreciate the support. I just got an e-mail from Flavio and he was unable to reproduce the problem in 4.1.6 so I downloaded that and it appears to be working fine. I’ll give it a more in-depth look this weekend but I am VERY happy to have a updated working version.

I do computer animation and have just started using N-Track to put together soundtracks for my work. I built my machine by cherry-picking parts within the limits of my budget (I work in a pub so my finances are rather thin…) I know I need a better sound card, something that has dedicated VSTi processing but I don’t have $500 at the moment. I’m saving my pennys though. Someday…


P.S. You have an impressive studio! I listed to your example pieces (http://www.woxnerw.com) and I like your work!

Another option is to open the ‘piano roll’ for your midi track, and program it with clicks. Each of those, when played should trigger the VSTi. It’s more precise, and it allows cut/paste.

Just make sure you have the correct channel selected…but ‘omni’ usually works well in most cases.

Greetings Katau!

I am embarrased to say that with all the things I tried it never occured to me to bypass live mode and just use piano roll.

I am using the newest version and it seems to be working fine with live mode. I do some entry with piano roll but with longer pieces I like to start with live entry. It also gives it a more realistic feel to record the velocity information as play it, rather than try to emulate it by entering in that information note-by-note manually.

Thanks for your suggestion though, I really appreciate the good people in this forum!

-Augmentor (Mathias)