Vst transfer from old computer

VST scan error: cant find…

Oye, switching from one laptop to the next greatest upgrade at the office is never as simple as IT says. I have finally (almost) switched all the audio programs and their files (including N-track, leafdrums, buncha others) to the new laptop. I finally got n-track loaded and then tried to use a vst effect, and it went banannas!!!
Came up with a “vstscan.exe unable to locate DLL” error… and the program has to be shut down. (the actual message was much longer than that, but I have not figured out how you guys post screenshots?)

I moved all the .dll vst effects into the same place on the new computer…why is it balking??

Any help would be appreciated, did search, could not find. Using version 3.3, latest build.



Did you update the VST path in the paths section of the preferences dialog?


Yup, but the error is " the Bluectrl.dll can not be found in…" and iit goes on and on and on" and totally hangs up my vst plugs.?

N-tracks vst engine keeps on going, and going, and not resolving untiill I shut it down… not good. It plain is not findind all the plugs I have.?

All my Vst plugs worked before, now they don’t. …any ideas are welcome.

OK, its how to use the search function.

This has been discussed before.

Transfer any VST.dll programs to somewhere else ( i chose the desktop) and then transferred them in 5 at a time…worked like a charm till I got to “Luxonix” , Killed my N-track Vst scan… then I deleted luxonix, all VST worked fine.


All I can guess is that the “Luxonix” dll must have become corrupted somewhere along the line. If possible try reinstalling it again and see if the problem still exists. If so, Flavio may want to know.