Vst32 scanning not working.

Hello I am new here. I decided to purchase N-Track yesterday and was very excited. I find the software to be very interesting. There is a problem though. Whenever I try to Add an instrument channel it starts a vst scan. It will scan forever. It will show many vst scanning icons in my dock and I have to force quit the program. I am on a macbook pro running Mountain Lion by the way. If I get passed the scan most of the time I can not see the plugin instrument gui. It is very strange. I do hope that I have not purchased a program that I can not use. I hope my description of the problem is clear enough. The version I am using is Mac version 2.1.3 build 3103. Is it even supposed to look for vst on a mac in the first place? Also should it say N-Track 7 or N-Track 2 since I am on a mac? Help with this would be very much appreciated.


the Mac version of n-Track supports VST as well as AU plugins.
Are you using the version of n-Track downloaded from our website or from the Apple Mac App Store?
Does the problem happen with both the 32 and 64 bit version of n-Track?
If you’ve purchased n-Track from the Mac App Store you’ll have a single n-Track icons in your Applications folder. To switch between 32 and 64 bit close n-Track, open the Applications folder, Ctrl+click on the n-Track icon, then check the “Run in 32 bit mode” option.
The problem might be caused by an incompatibility with a specific VST plugin. Please send the log of the VST scan using our support form at http://ntrack.com/support
To open the VST scan load right click on a track, select “Effects” -> “Add Effect” -> “Customize” -> “Show VST Scan log”.


I downloaded N-Track form your site. It happened in 32 bit mode where I can’t see the plugin gui load up. I will try what you suggested and let you know the results.