vsti install

I downloaded a soft synth but i dont know waht destination folder to put it in,any help would be awsome.

Thanx Litmus

It used to that you put the soft synths in a VST directory which you define under Settings…Paths. But, I just looked and the option is no longer there!

For now you could try putting the soft synth.dll into the
n-track studio4/vstplugins directory it should work.

Then to load the VSTwithin N-track… just go click your mouse on the menu item at top of program>>>>>Track…Midi…new instrument channel


It used to be that all your VST and VSTi’s had to be under the directory you specified in preferences.
It has now changed so you can specify more than 1 directory under the fx settings.
It is easier though if you just create a directory called “VST plugins” or whatver and put everything under that as everytime you open n-track it should find any new ones you put there.
If you keep putting all your VST’s in different places you will need to keep adding those paths to the n-Track fx settings


Thanx guys,sounds easy enough ill give it a try and let you know