A double question

  1. My Ntrack keeps crashing when I use the VSTI ntrack drums thinger. Why? I have Vista and a EMU 0404 and plenty of memory and speed. Is it the Vista? Ntrack keeps recording my system settings and letting me fill out a problem form but I have yet to get a response.

    2. I got a proteus xv program buindled in my emu usb mixer/card adn I’d like to get acces to it through Ntrack. I don’t know how.


Could be a patchmix setting, driver setting, sample rate or other. I don’t know about the USB, I have the 0404pci card.
You can try posting over at the un-official E-Mu forum. There are several rocket scientists over there. And a link to Patchmix de-mystified that helps alot.

Un-Official E-Mu forum

The ProteusX app probably needs to link or install to the Vst folder in nTrack. I did it once but don’t remember the steps.


Proteus X on the production cd with the 0404 pci, stop auto-run, explore cd, open Proteus X folder, run install from Proteus X folder, when writing Proteus to Steinberg folder, I changed it to write to nTrack VST folder. After install, open nTrack, add new instrument channel, Proteus should be there, nTrack will re-scan when you try to open the instrument channel. Hopethat helps.


Thanks Yaz

I’ll try the proteus business when I get home. Also, I went to that site “Unoficial E-mu” and had to stop due to boss. Thanks for the start.

Well - it turns out it thinks I’m an NT user. It’s not up for Vista.

Is it worth running XP now for this tool or should I find a different product and pay $$?

Check again at Production Forums, use the ProteusX , EmulatorX forums. May be an answer there for you. Also, which software version are you running for the 0404 USB ?

There is an up-grade Beta 2 software for 0404USB downloadable at the E-Mu site, it’s on the 0404pci Vista drivers page. Was just posted the 2nd or 3rd this month. It’s beta version for testing, but it may help with Vista. I run the beta drivers and patchmix 2.0 on my 0404pci card.

Vista Beta Drivers/Software

let us know what you get working or not.

Yaz :)

I saw your post on the Emu site refering to the VSTI problems -driver related - was that ever resolved?. It was over my head but I guess it means you can’t create rythym tracks using ntrack. I’m checking out Cubase right now because that seems to be where EMu is pushing me. I did use the latest beta driver and patch but since it just came out I imagine it will get better.
My proteus is not on the production disk, its on its own disk but I switched the destination anyway and it had the same problem. I might have found the solution though - I still need to test it. I was logged in as a user other then “Owner” and there may have been some problem with that. Right now I am experiencing some latency issues that I also have to deal with. I wonder when I’ll actually record some music?

Something about the asio drivers, the way patchmix routes things, nTrack, and my feeble midi brain, I can crash n with any VSTi. Something doesn’t reset in the patchmix, even restoring defaults doesn’t work ,I wind up having to re-install it. Last time I tried using a VSTi, my asio drivers have gone south for recording audio in nTrack. I re-installed everything except Windows, still no good. I’m now using WDM drivers for recording audio in nTrack, I have to open audio devices, advanced, un-check Keep Audio Devices Open to get wave files to line up. I’m not sure where the problem lies, nTrack, E-Mu, Vista, or the whole nine yards.

Good luck getting up and running Aaron, let us know your progress.


Thanks again. I’m going back to XP today and I’ll write you the results.