free app for VST2 problems

VSTspy is not a malware checker, it is a small app that looks inside your VST plugins and displays their properties -

Although not yet a problem with N, many people using multiple DAWs are having problems VSTi not showing up in their VSTi scan -

the main problem is the new specifications imposed on plugins by the recent VST2 specs - while all older VSTi,s passed the VST1 specs they fail when passed through the VST2 specs - Mr RAY 22 and 73 and SYNTH1 for example will open and play in N but are not visible in other DAWs and programs like FXteleport which links into N but passes VSTi,s through the VST2 checks -

FXteleport is an app that allows you to use another PC on your home network to run VST and VSTi plugins which takes the load off the PC/Laptop that is running N - here N shows the plugin to be available in local mode but (as FXteleport uses VST2 specs) not available through FXteleport -

when using VSTspy the items of interest is the ammount of inputs a VST1 has - VSTspy reports Mr Ray and SYNTH1 as having NO INPUTS - this seems to be the fail point in passing the VST2 spec -

VSTspy is available FREE here -


for the BRAVE - FXteleport details are available here -


Dr J