VU Meter

Why isn’t it responding?


Whenever I play a source into N Track (via line in) the recording VU Meter does not track it and so I have no idea how to set the rec level.

I select the soundcard properties and have selected only line in.

Also, from headphones to line in, I recorded a portion of a song into N Track so I could jam over the top of it. No matter what I set the line in volume at, the actual output from the speakers didn’t alter. Eg: my guitar was too loud and so I adjusted the line in level. This made no difference at all - even when I set it real high and as low as possible…except on playback where my fiddlings could be heard.

So, to recap:

1) I cannot get the re VU Meter to track the imput volumes.
2) Adjusting the line in rec volume does not allow you to set up levels…but the results are evident in playback.


Sounds like you having turned on the monitoring of your inputs.
In the record VU meters make sure the green button is lit. This turns on monitoring of your audio inputs.
The record vu meters should move now if you have signal going to an input.

Not sure about your recording volume/levels.
What soundcard do you have?

Make sure you are adjusting the recording level and not the playback levels.
Most soundblaster and inbuilt cards have separate mixer screens for record and playback levels.

If you set the slider to zero does it still record sound? If so then you are probably adjusting the wrong slider or have something else wrong with you configuration…


Hi, I didn’t click the green button! Now it’s on and monitoring.

As per slider level, yes I was in rec properties. My card is Audigy 2 ZS Sounblaster Plat Pro. I was in “rec” and adjusting “line in”.

When set high and then to zero, the playback reflected these changes but made no difference to the volume when I was actually playing.
Therefore, my guitar was waaay too loud for the backing track and I couuldn’t adjust.