Vu-meters and volume controls

In version 3.3 there is an option to show vu-meters for each individual track.
In version 6 is there a way to show individual vu-meters and volume controls for each individual track?
I like to be able to see and use these controls without clicking on another button.
Version 3.3 shows these vu-meters and controls directly to the left of each track that you record. I would like to set-up version 6 to operate the same. How can I enable this???

Thank you!

Just like you would in earlier versions - under options IIRC - suprised they are not showing up for you - thought they were the defaults.

Sorry for my naivety…
But I am still at a loss here.
Could you give a little more detail to a simpleton such as I ? :laugh:

Just single click with the right mouse button the area pointed out in the picture. In the context menu that opens, you should see "Choose Track Timeline Bar Elements. Click that and the dialog box in the picture opens. Choose what you want to see. I don’t have n-Track installed now and can’t do more pictures, but that should get you going…


Thank you, D !

I will give that a try this evening.