VU meters

How to change screen layout of VU meters

I am currently using the latest version of n-track. My playback and recording VU meters are currently located on the left side of the screen stacked above each other vertically. I would like to have the playback VU meter at the botton of the screen in a horizonal position. I have reviewed the ntrack manual and did not find any reference to customizing the VU meters positions. Please advise where I can find instructions for making the changes. Thanks

I think if you right click on it it’ll give you orientation options. You can then drag it wherever you want to. You might have to “undock” it tho. ####, what do I know, I’m just as confused as you are, LOL.


There might be a right-click menu helper, but I’ve been left-clicking at the top of the VU Meter window and just dragging it around. Have a little dragging session and it should give itself up as to how to manage it, I think.

No? What do I know! I haven’t been at n-Track for a couple weeks now, my PC’s still off on a bench getting re-vamped. But that’s what I remember doing to move the meters around.

Un click the docking box as was mentioned .I moved it to the top and it went horizontal.Keep fooling with it.I have got it on the bottom accidently a few times

Correction,You have to check the docking window I believe,and then drag it.I get it on top easily but have not been able to get it on the bottom