Want some monitors?

MusiciansFiend has a good deal…

Just a heads up for some of you cats looking for some nearfields to mix/master with… THESE sound great and they are closing 'em out cheap. The mids are slightly hyped but not bad at all especially at this price. When I bought my Events, these were in second place at the same price. If I were buying now, I’d snap up a pair of these.


Hmm… :)

a little out of my price range unfortunately… I’m looking to spend about $400 (or less) for a new pair. Anybody around here have an opinion on the Event TR6s? I don’t want to go less than 6"… I checked them out alonside the Alesis M1s at GC last week, I thought the Events were closer to some of the higher end monitors they had…

Look again. Thats $279 a PAIR.

I have the Event TR8’s. I absolutely LOVE those things. IF the 6’s are anywhere close though, I’d recommend them. $279 a PAIR for those BX8’s is a steal IMO.


Oh my! I didn’t realize it was for a pair… I wonder how long they will be offereing this deal.

I just bought a pair of the M-Audio DX4s ($150 a pair at GC) to use on my laptop (I’m traveling) and with the intent of using them as keyboard monitors when I get home. They are GREAT and very loud. Nice defined sound; the instruments and their separation in the stereo field are very exact - far better than the stereo system I was using as nearfields. Paired with a $99 M-Audio Keystation49 midi keyboard and my laptop, I’m now composing on the road (well, at a relative’s house anyway).

Needless to say I immediately ordered the BX-8 deal from MF and look forward to installing them when I get home. With the drop in price, I’m walking away with my DX4s for FREE.

And it’ll be nice to step up to real monitors, even if they’re in the middle of the “semi-pro” range.

I couldn’t help it

Wow, these look like just the ticket for me. Now if only I can talk the household interior designer into allowing speaker stands between my workstation and the family room couch …

Surprising that the 5 1/4" ones are more expensive, but probably due to only closing out the 8". Problem is, for me the 5 1/4" would be the ideal size. I might just go for the DX4’s. Anybody know a good (cheap) sub to go with them?

Are these all magnetically shielded? The blurbs don’t say they are. If not, keep 'em away from a CRT monitor when they’re in use. (Flat screen monitors should be fine.)

They are shielded. No worries. Buncha people are poo-pooing these on some other forums. The slightly hyped mids seem to bug some folks. I still think they are a bargain myself. ??? Get familiar with 'em and compensate. You have to do that with ANYBODYS monitors right?


I own a pair of BX8’s and I highly recommend them! Especially at $299 for a pair.