Wanted: Expert n-track user as online tutor.

And as a bonus there are those of us who really don’t know what we are doing but are just as willing to dispense advice.

Paul wants something more focused like a class. I fully understand his needs having taught a college class in C++ a while back. However, I don’t have the time to do it, nor am I an expert in all the functions on nTrack.

I would suggest taking a class somewhere if you can find one available. You won’t use ntrack but the concepts will apply.

However, a tutorial would be a nice group project to work on with others here. Each person takes a second. This would be more detailed than what’s on audiominds & would have labs included with it.

Just a thought.



A tutorial with audio and video would be a great group project!


Quote (Doug W @ Oct. 20 2004,13:42)
And as a bonus there are those of us who really don't know what we are doing but are just as willing to dispense advice.

Yeah! :)

I’d love to do it, but I’m too freaking busy most of the time.

I’m more of a technical guy. the nitty gritty details of how to operate n are easy-mixing to make it sound good is a different story :)

Wow! First chance I’ve had since last night to look at the forum! Guitar69, your fingertips must be bleeding! I appreciate all the great advice and will read it thoroughly, and post any questions I have in a separate thread.

I HAVE had success recording with n-track including acoustic guitar (my primary instrument), lead vocals, harmony vocals, and percussion via my keyboard; mixing down, etc. I am capable of getting my Emu to talk MIDI with my sound card and all that. I’d just like to do it all BETTER (much better). For example, my Roland XV-5080 scares the heck out of me! (Not that the tutor could help with that online, but he/she COULD help with the finer points of n-track which also has it’s arcane points I don’t understand). I learn in an “audio” manner very well and I find the interaction with a live person as a “tutor” very stimulating in terms of asking new questions I would never have thought of before and doing it “now” instead of I-ask-a-question-I-read-the-answer-next-day type of interaction. The money isn’t the issue. Increasing my knowledge base exponentially is!

An alternative could even be done in a series of Webx demos where one person is the “tutor” for a group of students listening over the phone and watching online. The session could be recorded, burned to DVD, and sold off n-track’s site! Wouldn’t THAT be awesome?!? I really like the idea of proposed videos and audios on n-track and have thought of doing a Master’s thesis on a related idea.


if you have an instant messenger and broadband, you could easily do video conferencing and stuff. there’s probably even a way to see the other guys screen too.

Quote (guitars69 @ Oct. 20 2004,20:42)
mixing to make it sound good is a different story :)

Yeah, this is something I wondered about in your initial post, TallPaul. What do you want to know how to do? Work the hedge trimmer or make topiaries? Working the hedge trimmer is easy, making the bush look like an aardvark is a whole 'nother level.

if anyone is worried about losing this or any other topic, a handy way to save it is to click on ‘print this topic’ at the top of the page

when the new page opens you can save it in its entirety as a webpage for future reference


jeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz…guitars69 a walking encyclopedia of n-track knowledge…this is better than the manual!


Would it be OK if I cut, paste and format that lot into some sort of FAQ/Getting started guide? I’m not sure where to put it just yet, but it should go somewhere.


I’m more of a technical guy. the nitty gritty details of how to operate n are easy-mixing to make it sound good is a different story

I can’t recommend Jezar’s article How to mix a pop song from scratch highly enough.

I found it incredibly helpful in my early days (and I still refer to it now, some years later).


This is just fastenating. If only, and mabey, threads like this could be placed on this Board as a "What’s it called?.. a “STICKY” ? " Then the guys who need to check on a proceedure, could just go to the Sticky, at the top of the Board, and fill their ideas with how to do something, and save a whole lot of searching… for a way of doing a task with n-Track…



sure paste it anywhere! :) I’m afraid it’s a little hard to follow since I jump into explanations of each thing, but if it’s really helpful than great.

Maybe I’ll write up a tutorial or something sometime and Flavio can put in into the installation files :D

When I was a kid my father would have me sit down with his “new” program and figure out how to use it for him. I didn’t even know what the programs did but I’d learn how to move around in them in a jiffy.

Thanks the effort guitars69.
If anyone want to make online tutorial, time ago i found a nice utility to make tutorials with screenshots and save it to flash or other format. Its called Wink and is free.

Well, it would take someone with a good sense of organizational skills. A lot of Editing and all. And then to maintain it so it’ll make some kind of conteninuity on an ongoing basis… Well… Commitment and disipline, I think it’s called…


Commitment and disipline, I think it's called..
PSSH! What are those? :p

Hi guys,
I also would be glad to take Guitar69’s notes and incorporate them along with pictures from ntrack. It will help me learn and help give back to the forum. The question’s are (1) where would it get stored and (2) how would it get updated with new information from experts with differing opinions? (3) how would other n-track users know they could have access to it? Is it possible Flavio would add a separate page where you could download a “lesson” including the source?

I can see at least two types of “learning” to present.

One is a snapshot of how your system should be setup: what checkboxes should be checked, what choices should be made, and WHY (!!!) you made them, etc. And these should be logically linked, ie, if you make decisions A & B then it logically follows you should also do C. The output format could be as simple as a PDF file, but the key is keep the source available for editing in some form of media so that alternate options can be presented. PS: I think it would be neat if there were separate files unique to the type of sound card you have and what choices you needed to make in n-track based on that soundcard.

Second would be more of a “workflow” type of thing. Once you have your system configured, how to accomplish a given “goal” whether that goal is as simple as recording an acoustic guitar track or something much more complex. A series of goals can work together to become super-goals. Wink or something like it would seem ideal here.

I looked at Wink and it might be the right tool for the job. I’ve also had great success just using screenshots pasted into Excel, and then adding notes from Excel’s drawing capabilities to effectively get ideas across.


PS: And bubbagump… topiaries, definitely topiaries.

looked at Wink and it might be the right tool for the job.

Yes. I've used Wink for many similar projects. The beauty is that it's output can be viewed in a browser so (nearly) everyone has the tool to view the tutorials rather than needing some other program. Gets my vote.

Hi Guitar69,
I have been reading over your text and will post some questions tomorrow. Have already learned a great deal from it… it’s kind of like n-track’s help is the really nice car salesman you’d like to trust and what you read in the forum is the brother-in-law who really knows what happens when you kick the tires. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t… but you always learn a little more by listening to multiple sides and evaluating for yourself.

Up, up, up! :)