wanted feed back on a song i did

used aw4416 aND NTRACK


well i have a yammaha aw 4416 and n track useing them both just exploreing the possiblitites wanted to get so feed back wether its good or bad on the song i did

It’s good. Not bad for an “Okie”, :-). :agree:

cool thanks not from oklahoma but its cool do mind being called a okie

Coulda swore your soundclick page said Oklahoma - don’t mind me I’m into states of late.

You put the classic back in Classic rock!, good guitar solo,nice full eq in the mix I’m hearin here. Good one.


You put the classic back in Classic rock!, good guitar solo,nice full eq in the mix I'm hearin here. Good one.

I agree with nix. The only criticism I can come up with is there's not much of a stereo spread. That's not necessarily a negative, as you may have wanted it that way.
It does make it sound more distant, with the vocals cutting through well enough to be made out clearly. :agree:

thanks i couls hav use d that when i was in mix down . cause i hear what you are saying in the final … its hard when you are justr coming from nothing and then think you have a sound . thanks for real . i mean that

Yup. Good stuff… maybe pull a bit of the FX off the vocal? Of course it’s a subjective thing but they’re a bit too “washy” if you know what I mean. IMO of course…



I’m hearing distortion from digital overs, and I think it is in the original.
Did you put a limiter on the main channel?
Are there overs registering on the timeline?

Oh - wait, that’s because I was listening to the lofi version.

Actually I’d still check, b/c they should not be there even in the lo fi version.

I like the effected vocals a lot. Wish I could read the cartoon on your soundclick page. :)

Soundclick seems to think you are from OK, BTW.