WARNING Internet Explorer 8

Train Wreck for me - cannot be uninstall

I installed the “up date” to Internet Explorer 8 and it did not work on my computer.
You are told when you install it that you cannot uninstall it. What is not mentioned:
Apparently, you cannot restore your computer using MS Restore (that did not work)
I rolled back to a saved registry, that got me Internet Explorer, that would not work correctly.
I attempted to install Internet Explorer 7, but MS puts up a flag that tells me that I have a Newer version, so, the old one can no longer be used.
I downloaded the Internet Explorer 8 file on another computer and installed it. When I did I got a notice that Internet Explorer 8 was already installed - interesting. But it did let me do a reinstall. Still did not work.
Fearing a complete restore from my hard drive back up, or worse yet, a complete reinstall:
I installed FOXFIRE and it seems to be working fine.
I own a lot of Microsoft stock - maybe I ought to rethink that . . .

Just the thought of not being able to un-install software is a big turn off to me Bax, hate you’re having to go thru all this.

Firefox has worked great for me the last few years, much faster loading pages to.

MichelleST has sent me a link to uninstall MS Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft says it can be uninstalled if you have SP 3 Otherwise it cannot be uninstalled until you download and install SP3 - of course, if your Internet access is toast, that can be a problem.
The link for more information is

Like I said baxter - go get firefox so you can browse your way through all this - good to have a back up browser. Even Safari is good in windows.

I have followed your advise OBwan

may the force be wid’jew.