WARNING- MS Internet Explorer 8

a train wreck on my computer

After reading several articals about the increased security and lack of problems with Internet Explorer 8 I loaded it:
Desktop icons for Internet no longer worked.
The file did not install in the C:Program File/Internet Explorer folder - I found it in the intall package.
Opened with the found file.
Try to open sites - error “Windows cannot find (“null”) Make sure you typed it correctly then try again.”
Tried typing command line - same error
Began to get “white boxes” instead of screens.
Internet Explorer crashed several times.
I could not locate the “Taps” that are suppose to move between sites (frankily by this point I was pissed)
Tried to use Windows Restore program ( what an optomist, it never worked before) Windows would not roll back.
Restored the registry myself and I am back on line with Internet Explorer 7.
All-in-all a typical upgrade for Microsoft.
If someone has been able to use the upgrade with success, you are welcome to post your comments - I wanted it to work, it sounded good, it . . .
oh, well.

AND - the “null” error is still there and keeping me from directly accessing any site. The program appears to hang, but it is waiting for me to click an OK button that does not always display.

Download firefox then in install explorerrr r rr.

There are some threads elsewhere saying that IE8 is messing with audio apps and DAW’s like ProTools - something about an upgrade to DirectX 9. Better to wait this one out.
Don’t let MS auto update.

Go Firefox or Opera. I use FF and am very happy with it. I ditched IE way back around V6 or so…


Firefox for sure Bax, stay away from IE-anything.

I have 3 PC, 2 desktops and one laptop.

I installed IE8 on all three and they all run beautifully. Internet access is quicker and it’s caught 2 security risks.

All apps that access IE8 run just like before.
The new functions work as advertised, tho I turn off many of them.

I keep my PC’s, up to date, running clean. I don’t install junk apps or stuff strangers send me in e-mails.

I always uninstall things they way they are meant to be uninstalled. I back up nightly.

I’ve found most people who complain about Windows keep a very messy PC. I’ve seen it first hand when I’m called on to fix problems with my family’s PC’s, and thats more than 10 PC’s, plus friends.

So, for me, IE8 is a welcome and impressive update.

i lost all the music i had (and a bunch of other stuff) when IE4 & 8 let all sorts of stuff on the computer and i had to reboot the OS. Firefox has worked great since.

No problems here either. I’m the network admin for a bunch of PC’s at work, all running IE8 with no problems. Plus running 3 PC’s at home, all patched and running smoothly. It’s also my experience that people who have the kind’ve problems previously mentioned, usually tend to not be too prudent with their PC housekeeping.

Obviously, it does not affect all users, but if you google - you will find that users of ‘waves’ plugins, and ‘nuendo’ and ProTools are all having problems after installing IE8 - but upon removal their systems are working again. Again - IE8 patches a hole in DriectX that may cause problems with some software combo’s.
Not a prob for me or you - but may be for some.

Thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions
I think it is useful to know that Internet Explorer 8 does work for some people - I would hope a large number of people. What is not helpful is saying that problems are caused by “people who keep messy computers.” I probably would not resopond at all were is not for the fact that I do Not Keep a Messy Computer. I go out of my way to avoid problems and it is frustrating as hell when you know you have done it right and it still means hours restoring , or reconfiguring a computer I intend as a tool.
On this forum we go out of our way to help each other with problems, sometimes it is user error and sometimes it is a problem with the software. Either way the idea is to help, not condem - particularly when you have no personal knowledge of a situation.
So, If someone has a Helpful suggestion I would welcome it, if you just want to tell people they are incompentent, please do not post to what is ordinary a friendly forum. I will now shut up and not mention this on this thread again.
I’ll give Foxfire a try.

Quote: (sevenOfeleven @ Jun. 01 2009, 11:20 AM)

Obviously, it does not affect all users, but if you google - you will find that users of 'waves' plugins, and 'nuendo' and ProTools are all having problems after installing IE8 - but upon removal their systems are working again. Again - IE8 patches a hole in DriectX that may cause problems with some software combo's.
Not a prob for me or you - but may be for some.

Yeah and if MS holds true to form, they'll start releasing a gazillion patches for security flaws in the "new" IE and soon your web experience and possibly your entire PC will be mired in molasses. At least that's been my experience. Firefox is safer and faster on my systems so I just made it my "standard".

The idiot hackers out there take great joy in punching holes in anything MS. I don't know why... Someone that "smart" could put their skills to use in a constructive manner and make a good living at it. Instead, they sit in mom's basement in their Fruit of The Looms and figure out how to cause mischief. Morons...


Hell, pass the tranqualizers!

and a NyQuil chaser!

Forget that… just gimme a few hours in the recliner. It puts me right to sleep… :laugh:


With a peaceful, roaring fire of computers.

A little additional information: I downloaded Internet Explorer 8 as a file on another computer and reinstalled to the computer with the problems. During install I was told that I still had Internet Explorer 8 installed , even though I had “Rolled back” my computer by replacing the registry with my back up of the registry. I also was told that Internet Explorer 8 cannot be uninstalled - I forgot to mention that in my origional post.
That is a Major problem, If you are one of the people who have a problem with Internet Explorer 8 it will not uninstall. By the way, you also cannot install Internet Explorer 7 once * has been put on the computer.
I will move this to the Anything page of the forum (where I should have pout it to start with) in case people have additional suggestions.
I have now installed FoxFire and I am in hopes that that will solve the problems. At least I was able to get back on line without doing a complte restore from my back up drive or reinstall.


I certainly didn’t want to imply anything.
I was just relating my experience.

And I did offer suggestions to get a better install of IE8.

And IE8 IS uninstallable: Uninstall IE8

I guess I’m just real tired of hearing people bitch about Windows. I know it’s not perfect, but NOTHING is perfect. And considering the amazing advancements in hardware and software, it amazing to me that it works as well as it does.

Everyone forgets that Apple is a HARDWARE manufacuter. Thier software ONLY works with Apple hardware. Windows works with ALL hardware.

I personally am not griping about Windows per se’… however, ANY software that makes you jump through those kinds of hoops to uninstall it will not make it onto my PC. Any paragraph that ends with"… if that does not resolve the issue, see KBXXXXX article on how to REALLY screw up your OS…" scares the crap out of me.

That’s one of the reasons I like Reaper so well. It does NOT hook into your OS and write a bunch of BS values into the registry. You uninstall it, it’s GONE. Can’t say the same about a whole crap-load of other softwares out there… :)

D - Windows XP guy…