WARNING- MS Internet Explorer 8

MichaelST - thanks for the information. I checked the link and then looked in the Control panel and found that Inter Explorer 8 is indeed listed. I’ll try that later. I really apprciate the tip. I’m, too warn out now to try it and Foxfire is working well.
As to my comments, they were directed at the idea (and the comment) that anything that goes wrong is the fault of the user. Microsoft is the where I got the “You can’t Uninstall this” flag, and the first install did not list it in the uninstall box in the Control panels list -why? I don’t know? but I took their word for it. Wish I had found the link you sent. That is the kind of help that makes this forum work! Maybe if I could have unistalled it, the reinstall would have worked, But it did not.
And I agree, the problems with a non-specific hardware computer, a PC, is that the hardware is different on every other computer. That said, I don’t think MAC is perfect either. Heck, they are machines! I understand that. So, to be clear - your answer and tip is exactly what I was looking for when I posted. Thanks again.

Hey Bax. Just wanna echo what Michael said. I was just commenting on my own experiences running a PC helpdesk. I had no idea what your level of computer expertise was, so made a comment based on my own experience. From what you’ve said so far, you seem to know a fair bit, so if I caused you offence, it certainly wasn’t intentional. This is a great friendly forum, and I certainly don’t wanna screw that up. Otherwise, who’ll help ME when I have problems…? :slight_smile: ???