Was it Phoo?

Who posted the article: Bitch Slapped?

Well it really spoke to me. And my creative juices started to jump ever since. I’ve written about 5 or 6 songs. And I DIDN’T STIFLE!!! I just wanted to let you gents know that I’m going to post something soon that’s WAY out of my usual!!!

I’m going to post the instrumental version first and then with the vocals.

Now you all know I’m working with canned sound so… but I want ya’ll to lemme know about the content/potential, ok?

And I’m gonna say right off the bat, that I KNOW that a live drummer and a live guitarist would give this tune…well… LIFE!

Stay tuned, K?

Your Girl, Mel

I think it was phoo, Mel.

OK, so I’m waiting for the post’.

Still waiting.

Yaz :)

Yeah, that was me. I found it while searching for something totally unrelated. Search engines are funny animals. (search using random words for good laugh)

Glad it helped.