Wasdale Head

Wasdale Head

This song was inspired by walks in and around Wasdale Head, which is a remote, tranquil and truly beautiful area in England’s Lake District National Park. England’s smallest church is nearby, which has roof trusses supposedly made from Viking ships. It’s great place to escape to when you live in the industrial north. Not forgetting Wasdale is home to the highest point in England, Scar Fell Pike.


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I would be very grateful for any critical comments. (and non-critical)



I like this piece a lot. It’s got a nice feel to it, clean and simple. Sonically, I noticed a bit of a buzz but that’s about it.

What are you using for drums? And are you going direct with the guitars, or micing an amp with them?

Sometimes I’d like to hear one of your pieces where you take a nice, clean melody…state it…then develop it a bit.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.


Hello Guy, Like the piece a lot, nice laid back style and tranquil, like the Lake District( if you can avoid the bus loads of tourists that is!) I’m from the North and have lived in Dubai for 7 years so it kind of took me back. I used to spend a lot of time in the Peak district, maybe you could write a piece called Matlock Bath :) BTW I also pick up quite a buzz on the track which a shame when the music is so clean otherwise.
Nice stuff!
Cheers, Bruffie
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Thanks for the feedback. I noticed the buzz, but can’t locate which track its from. Further ivestigations required.

Quote [What are you using for drums? ]
Drums from Brushed Drumloops.



Nice piece Guy! I really like the tension in what seems like out of time notes sprinkled throughout. it really contrasts well to the mellow sound.