Washburn Southside Jr combo

Somthing else to play with :slight_smile:

Got one of these at a car boot sale at the weekend (What is US-speak for a “car boot sale”?)


Got it for peanuts. Can’t find much info, but it’s a mighty fine little amp.

For a tranny amp it has a pretty tubey sound, and plenty of punch
for its little 15 watt.

Will come in useful for recording, small gigs etc.

In the US we call the storage space in an automobiles posterior the “trunk”. I dunno why… It would be a “trunk sale”.

Cool grab BTW.


Although we mostly don’t do boot sales, we do sales from our garages, so they’re garage sales, unless the stuff is out in the yard, in which case it is a yard sale, and our local storage place often has folks clearing out their stuff for a mega-garage/storage unit sale, and then there are flea markets, sort of large scale garage sales in an arena, and let’s not forget the local Goodwill ands St. Vincent De Paul resale shops. (I like these places. :) ) A boot sale here often means the stuff was recently “liberated” from the back of an unguarded truck…

Nice looking little amp there. :D

Ahhh, so when you go walking do you put on your boots or your trunks?

I’m amazed at this little amp. I wish I could find more about it. Even Harmony Central only has reviews of its bigger brother.