Washington state gubernatorial election

Judge upholds election results


Alas, there will be an appeal.

ADDITION: On thing the msn article doesn’t mention was that not only was there no real evidence to overturn the election the only votes proven in court that they should be thrown out were all from folks that voted to Rossi an one for the Libertarian candidate.

The statistics of illegal votes (voters) by the Republicans and given to their expert witnesses came from a non-typical limited sample from a few districts that voted heavily in favor of Gregoire and not from a blind random sampling – or full accounting – statewide. It wasn’t a scientifically sound sample to base the statistics on. Furthermore, the judge stated that the majority of illegal voter were male. When looking that the statistics based on gender alone many more illegal voters would have voted for Rossi. He considered that to be a more realistic statistic to base disallowing votes by percent than the one presented.

Of course he disallowed the whole statistics reasoning anyway since there was no proof of how ANY of the illegal voters case their votes except for the few that testified that they voted for Rossi. No voters testified that they voted for Gregoire. I may have mistaken what he said ( I watched it on TV), bu tit sounded lime he was throwing out those votes, which would give Rossi less votes in the end. Maybe he was suggesting that he should thrown them out since they testified on court that they voted illegally for Rossi.

Too bad Al Gore couldn’t have appealed Bush vs. Gore.

here in georgia, we’ve recently passed legislation to require ids when voting… many people are vehemently opposed to the idea… apparently, it’s an act of oppression to ask someone to provide proof of their identity when participating in the voting process… this is on top of the fact that some fourteen different forms of id will be accepted, and the state will provide anyone with a valid id at the taxpayer’s expense (read: “free” to those not in the know) if there is a need… except for those who would prefer to maintain fraudulent practices in voting, i can’t understand how this could be a bad thing…


I’m all for voter ID’s and more careful registration procedures. Maybe then the local cronies would not be able to buy votes from illegal aliens for a chicken or sack of tomatoes!


Too bad Al Gore couldn’t have appealed Bush vs. Gore.

Come on dude. Ancient history. Our esteemed Democratic Party will have their day in '08.


I’m hoping in '06!

Quote (Mr Soul @ June 06 2005,17:37)
I'm hoping in '06!

It won't make REAL difference either way. The Dems are in the pockets of big business just as much as the Repubs. Same s#$t, different day.