wav files losing sync

Hey all;

The other nite we set up a 4track at rehearsal to get a better idea of what we sound like (previosly we just threw a couple of mics into a cassette deck). The sound is pretty good, but the files all lose sync after about 5 min, and are way out after about 15min. To get the tracks from the 4 track onto computer, I imported them in pairs - 1 and 2, then 3 and 4. I then dragged 3 and 4 (as a pair) so that they synced up with 1 and 2. As I said, though, they are no longer in sync after 5 minutes or so. Any idea how to fix that? I had no problems when I imported stuff straight from the cassette deck (of similar length), but things are way out of whack from the 4 track. I assume it’s not the 4 track itself, since the pairs are in sync separately, just not together over time.

Any ideas?


Do the pairs stay in sync (1 &2). If so, then it is probably the 4 track losing speed each time. Unless it is locked to a clock, it is just running wild and there is no guarantee it will keep a constant speed. Especially if it is plugged into a normal household power outlet.

Dave T2

Thanks for the input Dave.

Yes the 2 tracks in each pair do stay in sync. So you think this is a problem with the 4 track rather than something with ntrack or the computer?

Thanks again

Yeah, it is probably not running at a constant speed. The best fix would be to capture all 4 tracks at once, but if your sound card doesn’t support this, then maybe someone else has some suggestions.

Dave T2

You can never expect a 4-track tape to run that accurately over anything more than a minute or two. However there is a good description of what to do to sort out the problem in the FAQ…http://ntrack.com/faq.shtm… point 6.d

OK, great. Thanks guys I’ll check that out.