wav files shortened

why are wav files destroyed

Hi I recorded some material in N-Track and when I opened them in another program they were shortened, and left only
about 30 seconds of the original file playable. Does N-Track do something different to its files that does not make them
as stable as other recording software.

There are a lot of things that can cause files to behave differently from program to program. bit rate,(16 or 24) sample rate (44.1k, 48k, 96k etc etc), depending on what the programs are set up to play and the soundcard being used.

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If you work using N_track in the Non-Destructive mode the original files should not be effected by N_track. Have you tried playing the file in N_track? Does that work?
I would run a test file and see if the same thing happened when you use the other program, make certain everything plays with n-track or Windows Media player; then see if the problem occurs when you use the other program - what you are experiencing just should not be happening! What a drag!
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