Wav to MIDI converter

For sampling drum sounds

I’m looking to take a bass drum wav track, which unfortunately got recorded rather distorted owing to an accident with the mic and some gaffa tape, and convert it to MIDI in order to trigger a sampled bass drum to replace it. Does anyone know any software that’ll achieve this? Unfortunately I don’t own a PAD to MIDI converter to do it that way.


Have you scanned www ? There are some wav2midi’s around there. It all depends on how accurate you want velocity etc to be, and how much correction you want to endure afterwards …

“Amazing Midi” ?

Thanks - I’ll have a look at Amazing Midi. I was just wondering what people generally used for this as the wav to Midi software available seems to be a lot more complex than I need for my requirements. I’ll let you know how I get on.


Seems to me that Power Tracks or BIAB has this function. I never tried it, so I don’t know how good it works.


Why does’nt some enterprising programmer with a little time on his/her hands give this idea some thought…

Write a DX or VST plugin that accepts a mono input from a host track like kick drum or snare drum etc with adjustable gate and release times so the user could tweak it to capture the “spike” of the instrument. The output of this plugin would then trigger a MIDI note to coincide with this “spike”. The MIDI note could then be recorded to an assigned MIDI channel into a MIDI track in the host. This MIDI track could then be used to trigger a sample of choice to replace the original track. I know this is the same concept as Drumagogg etc… but a SIMPLE, CHEAP little plugin would be great.

If such already exists, please feel free to ignore the ramblings of this lunatic! :D

TG – lunatic ???

Tim, this is/was it, but the guy stopped development.

I still have a copy tho’ if anyone’s interested.


Edit : Or this


There’s quite a few vsts doing that.
this: http://koen.smartelectronix.com/KTDrumTrigger is reputedly a pretty good one.

Heh. Thanks fellas! I’ll check those out.

TG – realizes there are no ORIGINAL ideas :;):

I tried most of the suggestions (thanks everyone) and the KTDrumTrigger was the one for me. Worked like a dream.

Thanks again

Hansje, velen dank !

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That is indeed a very good find.



Is my assumption that you are Dutch correct ?

It is.
(your Dutch isn’t btw. Never mind. That is only doable for native Dutch & Flemish anyway :) )

Check out the whole Smartelectronix site.
It’s full of unconventional gems!


(your Dutch isn’t btw. Never mind. That is only doable for native Dutch & Flemish anyway :) )


Yip that’s not surprising.
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And btw - the rest of the site is indeed very cool.
Again - thanks for posting the link.


Ek is seker ons sal 'n gesprek kan volhou en sinvol kan gesels as ons moet

Natuurlijk kunnen wij dat!
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