wav upload site???

I can’t remember enough to find the “gator” site that a forum member had - any help anyone?


Paul Asher operates the site in Jolly ol’ England. Super great guy… goes by “Pasher” here and at Audiominds.


That’s the one I was thinking of but looks like it’s only for mp3 songs.

PW I use MediaFire.com myself. It was a bit fiddly early on, but has working great lately. As a matter of fact, I’m trying locate some stuff to upload for Yaz right now… Hang in there Yaz…


I’m hanging D!

My arms be getting longer than an gorilla.

I gotta find some food! BBL.

Thanks D - send Yaz asskiss.wav for me. :p

Poppa, asskiss.wav would be to large a file, even the mp3 would be huge, it takes all week to kiss mine since I’m ass all over! :laugh: