Wave device advanced settings dialog question

In the Wave devices advanced settings dialog I am curious about the “Keep audio devices open” and “Resync if off by more than [ ] ms” settings. It appears that N-Track will ask the sound card (interface) to re-sync if N-Track finds it out of sync by more than the number of milliseconds specified.

I have reviewed the manual and this forum and have not found any comments or instructions on using these settings.

If the sound card has to resync during recording I would imagine a glitch or something worse would happen.

So what is a good setting, or should the “Keep audio devices open” not be checked for the most reliable recording?

I am seeing some bad digital noise after about 40 minutes of recording on several occasions.

Any comments, explanation or recommendations welcomed.

Thank you,



the ‘resync if off’ option controls when the program resyncs the audio devices, however the resync occurs only when the recording is started, i.e. when you press the record button.
A ‘resyncing audio devices’ popup should appear briefly when the resync occurs.
No attempt to resync is performed during recording.
I’m not sure of what may be causing the digital noise you mentioned. I’ve never heard of a similar problem. n-Track basically writes to disk what is sent by the soundcard (i.e. audio device), so it may be possible that the digital noise is caused by a bit shift occurring in the soundcard or soundcard’s driver.
What version of n-Track are you using, and what soundcard?
Please try checking if enabling or disabling the “Enable write buffering” option in the Settings/Buffering settings makes any different.


Thank you for the explanation. I will try the write buffer setting and let you know.


Here is an update on the issue I reported a couple of weeks ago.

I recently used N-Track to record a live concert of about 80 minutes non-stop in length. The main difference from before is I used a different firewire cable from before and that appears to have made all the difference. My lesson is to make sure you are looking at all possibilities.

Summary of the set up:
Motu 896HD and Motu 8pre mic preamps. The 896HD connected with firewire and the 8pre connected to the 896HD via ADAT.

8 microphones into individual tracks for recording, 2 tracks set up for a live mix to a second hardware based recorder (Alesis HD24) Total of 10 tracks with 8 being recorded via N-Track.

Lenevo T400 laptop, Windows XP SP3 32 bit
N-Track 6.1.2
4 GB memory
2 7200 rpm hard drives, recording set to record on second eSata drive.

WDM driver with 12 buffers and as many samples per buffer as I could get. In other words I tried to maximize the buffering since I don’t care about latency. The Motu interfaces have their own hardware based monitoring that I use.

I also did check the "Enable write buffering"

Last night I reviewed the recording and did not hear any glitches or clicks at all in the recording.

Thank you for the explanation of the syncing functionality.


Great stuff, Ken. That’s quite a set-up and an impressive run, at 80 mins. Good info.