Wave editing - destructive

Keyboard shortcut not working


I’ve just tried to do some wave editing and the K/b shortcut doesn’t seem to work. eg. “Ctrl - X” for “Cut”.

It may not seem a lot but I have to edit some long drum samples and there are a lot of them.

Anyone else had this problem?

Mike F

Is this new to V4? Sorry, I don’t n-Tracks in front of me to try it out.

It works fine for me in V3, last I tried. I do this rather frequently when collaborating, to copy the count-in click from the bed track into a track I’m going to post as a contribution.

Yes, it seems to be new to V4; I used it a lot in 3.3.

Also the forum reply tracking function seems to have stopped working. Anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

Mike F