Wave file data chunk contains no data


I’ve been hitting this error frequently lately, running 4.2 build 2090. I’ll record a few tracks, use non-destructive splice, shift somethings around, etc and I replay it constantly to hear what I’ve got. I’ll save it, exit n-Track and return next day, and some of the wav files will be reduced to nothing but a tiny vertical line with those little blue rings on each side, and when I try to play the song and the timeline approaches one of those wavs, it stops and says: Wave file data chunk contains no data {path to file} the file might be corrupted.

I navigate to the wave file using Windows explorer and I can play the wave file fine w/ Windows Media player, but n-Track thinks it’s corrupt.

Anyone seen that?

Yow, that sounds bad.

Hmm, strange. Select a wave part that’s been sliced to death and alt-t-w (wave file properties). Tell us what that says, might have a clue. If it’s really thin, you might have to drag to select it.

Next time it happens, I’ll try that…I deleted the last project that had this problem.

The error message suggests that the section of the file it is trying to play may be “0 samples” long, thus containing no data. This would be a bug in any case since the length of the section has changed from the original edit.

Did you install a new revision between the time you saved the file and when you reopened it? Either the .sng file got corrupted or the program doesn’t recognize the pointers anymore, possibly due to a different way of handling the info (revised format or something). Sounds like a bug to me.


Yup, I concur, and we may find out more with the info from “wave file properties”. The offset is in there, and I’m wondering if it got zapped to a huge value or something. The offset is in samples.

Did you try deleting the .npk files for the effected .wavs? Sometimes these can get corrupted, but N will build new ones automatically if they aren’t there. If the .wav files play fine in other apps, then they are okay, and deleting the .npk files will not hurt anything, just add a few moments to the song’s loading time…

Good luck!
tony w

I’m tracking this thread, once the error occurs again I’ll come back to this. I have seen this behavior a few times with 4.2, didn’t install a new version since I started seeing it.


Ok it just happend on my latest project. In this case, I selected ‘Bounce to a single wave file’ on a track, then did “undo” (I have not done that each time this problem has occurred). When I did that, the wave files looked fine following the undo, but when I stopped and restarted n-Track, all of the wavs I have on that track have visually been reduced to nothing but a vertical line. I was able to re-stretch some of the spliced portions, but no matter how far I zoom into the wav, I can’t get 6 of them to expand past the vertical line - and they are reported as having the ‘data chunck’ error.

I highlighted the general area of the first one, and right clicked / properties: lock part offset & size is checked (I got in the habit of doing that with the hope it would prevent this from happening, it didn’t), offset is :09.11, rest of the stuff looks normal. I tried deleting the .npk files but that didn’t repair.

Do they all refer to the same wave file? Does that wave file play in a media player?

Yes, they are all the same wav file (very long take spliced up…) and I can play the reference wav file in Win Media Player

I see Flavio has just uploaded a build 2097 with a fix for wave files not displayed properly when in a read-only folder.

Is this the problem and the solution?