wave file error message

scratching my head again

Can anyone tell me why all of a sudden I get a "error opening wave file’ message when I finish a track and hit the stop button? I click ok and the new track appears .I am sure I
f_ _ _ _ _ d with something. Thanks

I’ve definitly been there, and to tell you the truth, I never did find out why it happened.
Although I did mess with alot of things at the time, switching frequencies, bit rates, ect.

How did I fix it?
This answer stinks but…
I reloaded Windows. Took about a half hour, but compared to the days I spent pulling out my hair…checking post here, and emailing Flavio a dozen times, time well spent.
It did wipe out my registration info for Ntrack, and the comp. plugs but I had those codes on a disk with self-registration so that didn’t slow me down too much.

Problems solved, life was good.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

All is well . A probable self inflicted problem that went away


I think it may be a bug. I certainly heard of this when some people were either mixing down when playing, or recording whilst in “Live” mode.
However, if you want to reset NTRack to default mode, open “Properties” and hit the “Revert to default settings” before you re-install Windows!!!


I actually decided to reinstall 4.0.5 build 1846 in place of 4.1.
The look suits me and some of the comments about stability jogged my memory so I went back.Everything is fine so far. No way I am reinstalling windows. No time for that.Thanks for all the input