Wave Files

I have to drag them open every time

Hi Everyone :D

I have one project that has a problem. I have to drag the wave files to their full extension every time I open the song. It doesnt matter how many times I save it, it doesnt seem to remember the full length of the wave file and the next time I open the song I have to drag the wave files back out again.

Anybody got any ideas on this ?

Thanks for the help,



I’ve had the same problem. Not on every file in a song, just on one or two, so far. And not every song. I haven’t a clue as to what conditions cause it.

Hey Tom :)

Yeah, its not all the tracks, its about 1/3 rd of them. Well, maybe someone can shed some light on it.



Weird, man. Are you running v4.05 or the beta?

Have a look under “Edit” => “Song Information”. Does it show reasonable values for Offset, Length and Start? (These are in samples).

Maybe you have a wav file hidden behind another wav in the same track and it’s screwing things up. The Song Info view will tell you how many waves are in each track.

I guess you could always rebuild the song in a new project file.


Hi Mr Toad

As far as I can tell everything looks kosher with respect to the things you mentioned above, so I still dont know yet.

Thanks for your help though.


Ted -

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