Waveform display appearance has changed!

Any way to change it back?

I just downloaded the new version, and when I opened it up the waveform display looked all nasty lol, like the edges were being smoothed out. Is there any way to get it back to how it looked in the older versions, it looked more accurate. Now when I zoom in to the waveform there are gaps and it just shows a huge space when there is silence instead of a line.

I know this might be a minor point to some, but it really does look very nasty to me.

View > Waveform display >

Lots of choices there now… but yes, you can put it back to the “old” look rather easily.


Doh, I feel like an idiot now lol, thanks!

Actually, it wasn’t more accurate before, at least not at zoomed-out levels. Well, it was accurate in one way, but it would miss peaks. I don’t know what the changes are, but

If the change is only for way zoomed-in views, it may be that the new display shows the represented waveform rathern than just the samples, and is therefore really much more accurate than the old way.