Waveforms when recording

Displaying massively peaked!

I’m using build 2048 and this is the first one I’ve installed for a while and the waveforms displaying whilst recording is new for me!

However as it’s showing, the waveforms are HUGE, basically a big rectangular block. If I delete the .npk files from the directory and let ntrack recreate them, it solves the problem and they display properly, but it’s a bit of a pain.

Anybody else had this problem or know of a solution?

PS I’m using a Line 6 pod xt through the USB and the ASIO driver at 24bit.

Well, I keep that turned off on my system… but I turned it on and tried it. Looks fine, sounds fine. I dunno? I’m using a Korg Pandora into an EMU 1820M using ASIO 24/44.1 and eberything is peachy…

D – Build 2048 too…

I had that problem whenever I checked the “force 16-bit” basically, if I lowered the input volume by a lot, it’d look normal. if you’re not doing that, I’ve no idea what’s wrong.

Thanks for your suggestion, but no I’m not doing that. Very strange - I really can’t suss why it’s doing it. It’s obviously not writing the NPK file correctly in the first place as when it recreates it the waveform is fine…I’ll try out a few more ideas and see…

Sounds like a bug to me but we need a few other people to verify it. I’m not sure that many of us use that feature though…

Hmm well I’ve turned it off, and when I’ve finished recording and the waveform displays it is still massive! So it seems it’s not the fact that it was displaying whilst recording that is the problem…

Might be a zoom issue. Zoom in a bit and see what happens.

Tried that, it still shows them as massive. As I said, if I regenerate them, they’re fine. So it’s just when they’re generated in the first place…weird…might have to go back to an earlier version

Ahuh right…I think it’s related to my buffering settings! For some reason, I can’t change them! When I go to buffer settings it’s on Custom and set to 315 in the boxes. Then I change it, or go to another preset, click apply and close, and when I go back to is they’re back to Custom and 315 again!

I tried it with 16bit and I had the same big waveform problem but I could change the buffer settings and the problem went away. Goin back to 24bit and the asio drivers and problem was back again!

Any ideas?

If you are using ASIO drivers then you need to set the buffering in your ASIO control panel, not the n-Track preferences.

When using ASIO n-Track will use whatever latency you have set in your ASIO control panel.
So changing the values in n-Track won’t do anything as they will be changed back as soon as they are read from the ASIO settings.


Hey everyone try going to view, waveforms display and de-select the ones you don’t use…


Ahh that’s done it! Changing the ASIO settings solved the problem!! thanks a lot!!