Waves Demo Products crash n-Track?

opening the effects closes n-Track.


I have version 7.1.2 of n-Track and just installed some Demo Products from Waves. https://www.waves.com/demo#paging:currentPage=0|paging:number=20

They seem to have installed properly, but when I try to use the effects in n-Track, the program immediately closes and then the effect pops up on my screen for about 2 seconds then disappears also.

Anyone know why? I only have 7 days to try these demos out and I can’t get them to work. Thanks!



we’ve tested the issue and it seems that the problem occurs with a 64 bit version of n-Track, using 32 bit Waves plugins (those ones that have a “[32 bit]” label next to the plugin name in the plugin selection context menu of n-Track).

We’ve tested the same plugins using a 32 bit n-Track version, and they seem to work properly.

Can you confirm what I’ve written above?
If not, could you post some info about the n-Track version, the number of n-Track build you’re using and a name of a plugin that manifests the issue?


I just opened a project in n-Track again. I did not see [32 bit] next to the plugin name in the plugin selection context menu. However, I noticed that when the plugins open for those few seconds after n-Track closes, they do indeed have “32 bit” up in the top left corner. I downloaded many products and every plugin does the exact same thing. If you need an example, try “Gold SoundGrid” or Silver Native.

So, maybe I am trying to use Waves 32 bit plugins with n-Track 64 bit version like you said. I don’t have “64 bit mixing” checked under “settings”. What do you suggest that I do?

I have version 7.1.2, build number 3277.



Ntrack comes in 32 bit and 64 bit. This is the operating bit rate and not the option to mix in 64 bit. If you have installed the 64 bit version it will run at 64 bit. Most 32 bit plug ins work under the 64 bit version, but if Wave plugin don’t work that way, uninstall that version and download/install the 32 bit version. See if that works.

I uninstalled the 64 bit and installed the 32 bit version and the Waves plugins work now. Thank you!!

Good deal. Let’s us know what you think of the plug ins. I thought their reverb looked good (didn’t actually try it) as I decided to go with the Izotope Nectar 2 package. The Nectar2 has some problems, mostly just annoyances running under nTrack, but it also runs as a stab
Nd alone.

I’ll try. I downloaded too much stuff at once and I’m overwhelmed. I should’ve tried a little at a time, especially with the 7 day trial. I am also interested in Izotope products. I tried Alloy 2 out of curiosity and didn’t have any problems with it yet.

What kind of problems does n-Track have with Nectar2?

The window just disappears for no apparent reason. No pattern. The program does not shut down, it just a bit annoying. NTrank has been working on it.

Now I decided to try isotope nector 2 and it is giving me fits. It’s not the problem you were having. I apply the effect to my vocal track and try different settings. After trying a few, it just stops working and makes a quick noise everytime I click play like when you plug a cord into an amplifier that is already on and turned up loud.

I’m a songwriter, not a studio technician, so I want to go with iZotope Studio Plugin Bundle because of all the presets I can work off of. But I need to figure out how to get Nector 2 to work for me. Thanks for all the help!


There are several good videos both at Izopope and YouTube. I recommend Nectar2. The plug ins are very good. I bought the full version so that I had the stand alone pitch correction. You need to try it for yourself, but I have found no pitch correction that works automatically, and the manual correction in the stand alone does work - it is a painstaking process, but it works. Keep in mind you need i dilated vocals for pitch correction to work. I like Necar better than Alloy2. Ozone 6is great, but I’m not sure I didn’t like Ozone 5 better.

Thanks, bax3. I want Nectar 2 for all the great presets, but as I said, it keeps messing up on me. As I go through testing different presets on my vocal tracks, it will just make a strange noise and stop working. Does Nectar 2 work for you?

Yes. I’ve been doing some remixes this morning with N_track build 2378 and it is working fine. When you day Messing Up you leave a lot of room for questions. What is it doing not doing. Have you tried opening just one module at a time to see if there is one feature that is not working. Keep in mind that this is a milti-plugin under one system, so it can be a bit of a load on the memory/CPU.
It is suppose to be better that some of Isotopes stuff, and I am able to run multiple instances with no problem, but I have a pretty powerful computer

When going through and testing the different presets using Nectar 2 on the vocal track while my song is playing, it eventually makes a “clipping” kind of noise and stops working, muting my vocal track in the process.

Open task manager ( Carl. Alt. delete) and see what the cpu does. I’ve had nectar2 window disappear for no a vinous reason,but nothing like you are describing. Are you using the latest nTrack build? How much memory does your computer have? Are you running any other program or plug ins at the same time? Sorry I can’t help more.

I have build 3278 of n-Track. I just downloaded it. I have 8 gb of memory. I’m running lots of plugins on other tracks which is really bogging down my computer, so maybe that’s the problem. I close all other programs. Thank you for your help. I’ll keep trying.